Premier Casa Panama Real Estate Sales, Rentals and Property Management

Buying or Renting Real Estate in Panama

Purchasing and renting real estate in Panama is relatively straight forward. Panama encourages long-term foreign investment and there generally are no restrictions on ownership of property by foreigners, with few exceptions.

Additionally, Panama has a Pensionado program, which offers considerable benefits such as discounts on utilities and basic services and some tax exemptions for retirees.

Panama's uses the U.S. Dollar, has currency stability, beneficial incorporation laws, economic and political stability, good telecommunication infrastructure.

Panama's Public Registry records property titles, recording liens and encumbrances against property titles, which provides a solid legal structure for owning property.

Who we are

Premier Casa Panama provides a full range of real estate services, including property sales, commercial and residential real estate, and asset management. Our reputation for uncompromising real estate professionalism and integrity in everything we do is earned day to day by serving our clients and earning their trust. With hundreds of properties for sale and for rent, either short-term or long-term, Premier Casa Panama can meet all of your rental, real estate and corporate housing needs in Panama City, the surrounding beach areas.

Real Estate Sales

Premier Casa Panama specializes in sales and rentals of residential and commercial properties throughout Panama. We provide the highest standards of quality and integrity in all transactions related to property sales, management and advisory services. Our reputation for uncompromising professionalism in everything we do is earned day to day by serving our clients and earning their trust.

Premier Casa Panama has an extensive and growing inventory of properties available for sale throughout Panama.

    • City
    • Beach properties
    • Country homes
    • Land
    • Farms

Premier Casa Panama Real Estate Sales, Rentals and Property Management

Our Areas

Avenida Balboa is one of Panama's preferred addresses, with waterfront condominiums in modern skyscrapers and the Cinta Costera's waterfront, which extends from Punta Paitilla to the Casco Viejo.

Punta Pacifica is one of Panama City´s most exclusive neighborhoods, with luxury high rises and stunning ocean views. It has all the conveniences and high end amenities,is home to the Johns Hopkins affiliated Punta Pacifica Hospital and Multiplaza Pacific mall.

San Francisco is a thriving residential neighborhood, home to a growing population, mixing long established residents with the ever growing number of new city dwellers who find it a convenient location. Loads of new small businesses are popping up to meet the demand. San Francisco is the perfect balance of urban and suburban, from where is very easy and convenient to travel to the airport, or to the city center for shopping, banking or other errands. Expats find this neighborhood appealing thanks to its wide selection of properties for sale and rent and from where is very easy and convenient to travel to the airport, or to the city center for shopping, banking or other errands.

El Cangrejo centrally located and convenient with lots of property options, from older housing to new highrises, this neighborhood has a bohemian flair. It's a favorite among expats who find everything they need is within walking distance: cafés, restaurants, banks, offices, pharmacies, schools and childrens' playgrounds, it has a character of its own. The new El Cangrejo metro station is a big plus for the neighborhood's residents and visitors.

Casco Antiguo or Casco Viejo is Panama city's beautiful colonial quarter, which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Casco Viejo is a dynamic community home to many local and foreign residents, characterized by an interesting combination of old and new, melting pot of different cultures. The buildings are in several stages of renovation in accordance with a strictly enforced standard of Historical Authenticity. This historic colonial quarter is a melting pot of various cultures and home to a large number of restaurants and historic buildings and monuments.

Marbella is an exclusive area of Panama City close to the banking district, entertainment, supermarkets, hospitals, movie theaters, shopping malls and public parks, all within walking distance.

Punta Paitilla is one of Panama City´s most exclusive and centrally located residential areas. Paitilla is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Panama City. Luxury highrises with large condos and stunning city and ocean views make Punta Paitilla a desired location. Walking distance to kosher food supermarkets, synagogues, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals and clinics and the Cinta Costera.

Real Estate Rentals:

Corporate Rentals in Panama

Premier Casa Panama: best choice for professional service, easy to book corporate and serviced apartments in Panama City and the beach.

Premier Casa Panama -- offers a wide selection of fully furnished executive full service, monthly rentals and long term rental apartments -- all of which are located in the best areas of Panama City: Amador, Bella Vista, Costa del Este, Casco Viejo, el Cangrejo, Marbella, Punta Paitilla, Punta Pacifica and San Francisco. We also offer beach vacation and long term rentals in Playa Blanca on Panama's Pacific coast, just 90 minutes from Panama City.

All of our city rentals are centrally located, making it easy to access the financial district, hospitals, clinics, restaurants, entertainment and shopping malls like Albrook Mall, Multicentro and Multiplaza Pacific.

Panama Beach Rentals

Premier Casa Panama has a nice selection of beach rentals in Playa Blanca, on the Pacific cost of Panama.

Playa Blanca is a 90 minute drive from Panama City and a favorite beach destination for foreign travelers, as it was named by the New York Times as one of the "must-see" areas of the world. This beach community is a short drive from some of country's top destinations, like El Valle de Anton. The Scarlett Martinez Airport in Rio Hato, which receives daily charter flights from Canada, is only a 10 minute drive.

Short term vacation rentals are permitted and available in the beach areas. Our beach rentals are completely furnished, fully equipped and ready to occupy. Premier Casa Panama exercises the same care and provides the same level of service for all our beach properties as we do for our city guests.

When it comes to full service monthly rental and long term rental, Premier Casa Panama meets all your rental needs and then some. Panama law requires a minimum stay of 45 in apartments. Our 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, are all fully furnished and equipped, so depending on the length of your stay and travel plans you may choose a full service rental or a long term rental. Many travelers prefer a monthly rental unit over a hotel stay, as they find an apartment stay more convenient and costs less than most hotels.

Premier Casa Panama's attention to detail complements your stay by providing customer service to tend to any maintenance issue that could arise and help make your experience pleasant and trouble-free.

Book your reservations today (guarantee your reservation with a $600.00 deposit) and you will enjoy the comfort and safety of a home away from home.

About our rentals:

1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments in top-tier areas of Panama City like Amador, Balboa Avenue, Bella Vista, Costa del Este, El Cangrejo, Punta Paitilla, Punta Pacifica and more.

Fully furnished, full service apartments

Well maintained and managed

TV with cable service

Fully equipped kitchen

Broadband Internet

King-size and Queen-size beds with comfortable mattresses!

Swimming pool and social area in most of the buildings.

Book your reservations today and you will enjoy the comfort of a home away from home. Make Premier Casa Panama your next choice in business or holiday travel apartment

Property Management in Panama

Premier Casa Panama has grown over the years to be recognized as Panama's leading property management company. The company manages an extensive inventory of apartments in Panama City, which are available for long term as well as full service monthly rental; it also provides a wide range of related services, including property sales, commercial real estate management and asset management.

Premier Casa Panama clients are mainly International executives from all over the world, looking for an alternative to hotel stays or long term corporate rentals. Premier Casa Panama has an extensive inventory of fully furnished apartments in Panama City that are ideal for the traveling business person. Many of these apartments have stunning views and are within walking distance of Panama City's top business, cultural and entertainment attractions.

Premier Casa Panama apartments achieve high occupancy rates in Panama City.

Each and every apartment is well maintained and has a wide range of amenities like internet access, cable tv and fully-equipped kitchens. Our corporate clients like the fact that we take care of all the bills of the property, making housing costs much easier to manage.

Our Panama Property Management team is comprised of professionals in accounting, legal, reservations, marketing, housekeeping and maintenance as well as Premier Casa Panama being a part of the International Premier Casa Professional Network.

Overview of Property Management Services

The following services are included in the standard Service Level Agreement

  • Advertise and show your property
  • Maintain a booking calendar
  • Select qualified individual(s) and prepare rental agreement
  • Collect rent and all monies due
  • Handle evictions
  • Maintain inventory of contents and condition of the property
  • Provide monthly reporting of income and expenses
  • Accrue and make disbursements from owner's funds as directed by owner
  • Perform routine maintenance inspections and make recommendations
  • Connect utilities, deal directly with the service providers for all repairs or service, and pay utility bills.
  • Provide weekly cleaning

Other services may be available to help you manage your investment. We will be happy to discuss other available options upon request.

History of Panama

From a historical point of view the country Panama has had an essential role, not only in central America but in the world too. Unfortunately most of Panama's physical history is lost between trees and plants of the forever-growing jungle since the first indigenous communities were not able to build robust constructions, constructions which could stand environmental influences of hundreds of years.

For this reason the exotique jungle of Panama covered the historical remains of the ancient communities.

Nevertheless you'll still find areas where the jungle growth held back inter alia in Panama Viejo, which is one remaining part of the ancient city of Panama and a world heritage since 1977.

Since the foundation of the historic old quarter of Panama City Casco Viejo on August 15, 1519 it lasted incredibly one hundred and fifty-two years. The governor Juan Perez de Guzman set the whole city on fire in the year 1671.

One year later the Spanish nobleman Antonio Fernández de Córdoba planned the reconstruction of a renew city, which was completely constructed by 1673. At that time the city was on a peninsula completely surrounded by the sea and a wall construction for defensive reasons. Today this little - and yes I mean little since it is just four avenues wide- is one of Panama's hippiest neighborhoods with cocktail bars, discos where you can dance salsa, rooftop restaurants and last but not least historical and cultural remains in every corner.

Moreover you will find parts of ruins along the Caribbean coast inter alia after driving trough Colon. The Panama Canal itself is an existing proof to the unremitting exertion and creativity of Panama's citizens.


  • Panama is the only place worldwide where you can experience the sunrise on the Pacific ocean and the sunset on the Atlantic ocean standing at the same place. At Panama's most narrow place, not more than 80 kilometers separate the Pacific from Atlantic Ocean.
  • The country's capital which is at the same time the biggest city, Panama City is the only capital on the earth which is limited by parts of the rain forest.
  • One third of Panama's 3.6 million citizens live in the capital.
  • The official language that Panamanians speak is Spanish.
  • The country has two official holidays celebrating once the independence from Spain in the year 1821 and the second one from Colombia in the year 1903.
  • Panama's currency is the Balboa, which is valued 1-to-1 to the US Dollar and uses the Dollar interchangeably.
  • The major driver of Panama's economy the Panama Canal which makes it possible for shippers of commercial or industrial goods to save time and money by using the Panama Canal.
  • Building the Canal took 10 years starting in the year 1904.
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers planned and built the Panama Canal and ever since it is declared as one of the seven modern World Wonders.
  • Building the Panama Railroad killed over 12,000 citizens, making it one of the biggest sacrificies of human life in the name of construction projects.
  • Because of its southern location in the hurricane alley it is unusual for the country to experience hurricanes or other tropical storm related ecological disasters.
  • You can find over 10,000 species of plants in the countryside, forests and jungles of Panama with inter alia 1,400 different species of orchids.
  • Usually in May the raining season starts in Panama and it rains basically some hours per day until November. Starting in December the dry season may be the perfect time to travel to Panama.
  • Panama has more than 976 bird species, which is more than the United States and Canada combined. Panama is home to about 1000 bird species, more than many other countries such as the United States which is from an areal point of view bigger.
  • Every vessel which uses the way trough the Panama Canal has to pay a toll, depending on its type, size and cargo.
  • The little country delivers one of the top ranked coffees worldwide which you can purchase at any international coffee franchise.
  • The highest mountain, with 11,397, in Panama is at the same time the active volcano Volcán Barú which is near to Boquete, a small town in western Panama.
  • After Hong Kong, Panama has the biggest duty-free zone in the world , which is the so called Colon Free Zone.
  • This tiny country is home to 1,500 miles of stunning beaches.
  • The process of getting and possessing a real estate property is equal for Panamanian citizens and foreigerns according to the Panamanian constitution.
  • A Panama Hat is a traditional straw hat in the country, but actually has an Ecuadorian origin.
  • John Sidney McCain , the senior United States Senator from Arizona, was born in Panama, at the time, when it parts were still considered as U.S. Territory.

History of Premier Casa

The history of Premier Casa starts with the foundation of Panama Casa in 2002 until 2003 which was a business strictly doing property management. Indeed Panama Casa started as a small suit case kept in the trunk of a car with only three workers back at that time.

As a result of the success the business experienced with professional property management in less than one year, being the first professional property management company in Panama, the next step was to create a real estate company which additionally focusses on real estate sales. Being just service company before, the company expanded into real estate sales in 2008 and 2009.

The outcome was the establishment of a full service real estate company providing property management, sales and rentals, with the name Panama Casa Realty. From that day on Panama Casa and Panama Casa Realty operated as 2 companies.

As a result of expanding the international businesses to Columbia in 2011 and Peru in 2012 , the company decided to create a company which embraces all the international business under one name, which led to the creation of the real estate service network Premier Casa, in 2012. Thereupon in 2017 Premier Casa expanded its business to Costa Rica.

From there on Premier Casa brings world class service levels to new places allowing truly professional property management services in geographic areas that such services use to be unavailable and uncommon. This opens up more areas to international real estate investors and giving them higher returns in new areas that had less competitive from the point of bringing in international real estate investment.


Premier Casa


Premier Casa Panama has a full service office located in Panama city with hundreds of properties for sale and over one hundred apartments to chose from for short term or long term rental needs. Panama city is the business center of central America with major banking, the second largest free trade zone in the world. This growing and vibrant city is the hub of the Americas and a destination for many travelers as well as a jumping off point for the rest of central and South America. From Panama City you can travel 1 to 2 hrs to many of panama's beaches and resorts. Premier Casa Panama can meet all of your rental, real estate and corporate housing needs in Panama city or the surrounding beach areas.

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