Premier Casa Panama has properties in all sectors of the real estate market and order to find your perfect future property the first step is to decide for what classified type of property you are searching for:

  • Long term residential: Residential property is real estate which has been developed for living for example a house or an apartment. Whether a luxury city apartment with panoramic views to Panama Bay or a one of a kind apartment at Playa Blanca: Premier Casa Panama has a wide range of high-class properties which fulfill your dream of living in Panama.
  • Extended Stay full service: An extended stay property with full service is a fully furnished property providing corporate rental services such as cleaning service, a laundry room and gym.
  • Vacation rentals: A vacation rental describes on a general basis any kind of property such as a fully furnished apartment and house as an alternative to a hotel, also known as villa rental in European countries. A new, beautiful three-bedroom condo at the Panamanian coast close to the beach is only one of numerous rentals that we provide to make your vacation unforgettable.
  • Commercial rentals: The main purpose of commercial rentals is to provide a property for which is supposed to generate profit such as an office space in the RBS Tower where you can establish the headquarters of your company.

Our Areas

Premier Casa Panama -- offers numerous fully furnished executive full service, monthly rentals and long term rental apartments which are all located in the top and most famous areas of Panama City: Amador, Bella Vista, Costa del Este, Casco Viejo, el Cangrejo, Marbella, Punta Paitilla, Punta Pacifica and San Francisco. But apart from renting apartments in the city we find beach vacation and long term rentals in Playa Blanca on Panama's Pacific coast for you, which are approximately a 90 minutes away from the city.

In the following we will present you a collection of the neighborhoods where you can find our properties and maybe you will the perfect area for you:

Avenida Balboa is one of Panama's preferred addresses, with waterfront condominiums in modern skyscrapers and the Cinta Costera's waterfront, which extends from Punta Paitilla to the Casco Viejo. It got its name by Vasco Nuñez de Balboa, the Spanish conquistador, who crossed the narrow strip of land historically known as the Isthmus of Darien in the year 1513. The Avenida Balboa is one of the most famous and popular places in Panama City since it is limiting along the Pacific Ocean, either for foreigners or local citizens.

In addition the Panamanian real estate market benefits from the location of Avenida Balboa, since properties in this area commonly feature a stunning view to the ocean and to the skyline of downtown Panama. Apart from the oceanside of the Pacific Ocean you will find one of the most important financial centers in Avenida Balboa, including banks, companies and many places dealing with financial services, making this place very interesting for anyone who is planning to do business in Panama City. Tall buildings such as the Bicsa Financial Center with 267 meters or the Arts tower with 264 meters adorn the streets of Avenida Balboa.

Located in the Avenida Balboa you will find the Cinta Costera, which is the Spanish term for Coastal Beltway, one of the favourite places for either Panama City residents or foreigners to spend their evenings after work or mornings in the weekend: jogging down that beautiful bay-front road, playing basketball, volleyball, tennis in one of the courts or just walk down the track and enjoying the view to the skyline and the beach. The Cinta Costera project which was completed in 2009 has made Panama City to a kind of Latin American version of Miami.

Punta Pacifica, located at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, is one of Panama City´s most exclusive neighborhoods, with luxury high rises and stunning ocean views. It has all the conveniences and high end amenities in walking distance and furthermore, besides all the exlusive shops and restaurants, it's home to the Johns Hopkins affiliated Punta Pacifica Hospital and Multiplaza Pacific mall. In the neighborhood of Punta Pacifica you will Punta Paitilla, which is home to Avenida Italia, with numerous opportunities for shopping dining at a good restaurant. If you prefer to party you should definitely do the famous Panama Pub Crawl, which means basically to check out different bars in Punta Pacifica one after the other.

San Francisco in Panama is a so called corregimiento, which is the Spanish term for a subdivision of a province and a thriving residential neighborhood, home to a growing population, mixing long established residents with the ever growing number of new city dwellers who find it a convenient location. Loads of new small businesses are popping up to meet the demand. San Francisco is the perfect balance of urban and suburban, from where is very easy and convenient to travel to the airport, or to the city center for shopping, banking or other errands.

Rentals in Panama

Expats find this neighborhood appealing thanks to its wide selection of properties for sale and rent and from where is very easy and convenient to travel to the airport, or to the city center for shopping, banking or other errands. You will find the coffee culture of Panama very well alive in the district of San Francisco: a bunch of artisanal coffee brew bars are waiting for you with different kinds of coffee variations and even more such as Matcha and Chai Latte. If you are a cinema lover you should go to the cinema on Thursdays and Wednesdays since you will pay only half the price for the tickets. But always keep in mind that you have to choose the correct type of the movie, if you don't want to end up watching the film dubbed, that means completely in Spanish.

And if you want to feel like you are in a lovely city in Greece visit the Greek restaurants in San Francisco and grab a fresh snack e.g. a sandwich with Greek cheese or sweets like Baklavah, a dessert pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with honey. Besides Greek food try some food at the food trucks that are spread in San Francisco and offer unique dishes. Known from many cities all over the world food trucks normally tend to travel from place to place and from food truck events to food truck events: in San Francisco Panama you will find permanently at one place.

If you find yourself loosing your work-life balance at some days and you are really stressed over something you should definetly consider joining the monthly full moon meditation which is organized by "El Arte de Vivir", a group in Panama which offers several programs for personal development, combining mystical and modern theories. If you are a beer fancier try out the Istmo Brew Pub, to chill in a relaxing environment, and order something from the long list of beet which they offer.

But of course: besides all the relaxing things in life you should better not skip your workout classes: in Parque omar, which is a great park in the middle of San Francisco you will find daily offered courses of Zumba, Aerobic and more at scheduled times for free. And if you are not into joining classes you can go for a run in the park and enjoy the quit and the fresh air: there is no better possibility to unwind after work.

El Cangrejo centrally located and convenient with lots of property options, from older housing to new highrises, this neighborhood has a bohemian flair. It's a favorite among expats who find everything they need is within walking distance: cafés, restaurants, banks, offices, pharmacies, schools and childrens' playgrounds, it has a character of its own. The new El Cangrejo metro station is a big plus for the neighborhood's residents and visitors. Let's start a day in Cangrejo chronologically with a breakfast in Via Argentina: buy a Bagel and a cup of fresh brewed coffee to start your day right from one of the great bakeries in El Cangrejo. And yes, no one wants to be mistaken for a typical tourist but you still should visit the famous Albert Einstein sculpted head and make a picture in front of it. The counterpart to the recently mentioned Parque Omar in San Francisco is the Parque Andres Bello, which offers you a peaceful environment with beautiful greenery either to relax or to work out with a playground with workout equipment, free to use for anyone. Participating in one or even more karaoke sessions is definitely a must-do when you live in El Cangrejo: in particular in Via Argentina you will find a great collection of Karaoke Bars which you can try out. And if you don't want to be in the center of attention and just prefer to listen to some good music you can visit local pubs in Via Argentina with good live music. Once you are done singing or partying in in a local pub in the middle of the night you might end up very hungry: thank god there is one 24-hour diner, called Del Prado, where you can grab a snack at midnight.

Casco Antiguo or Casco Viejo, which is the Spanish term for Ancient district, is Panama city's beautiful colonial quarter, which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. Casco Viejo is a dynamic community home to many local and foreign residents, characterized by an interesting combination of old and new, melting pot of different cultures. The buildings are in several stages of renovation in accordance with a strictly enforced standard of Historical Authenticity. This historic colonial quarter is a melting pot of various cultures and home to a large number of restaurants and historic buildings and monuments. It's funny that Panama City's maybe hippest neighborhood is also one of the oldest ones. If you are a coffee lover Casco Viejo is your place to go since you can try one of the most expensive and most coffees of the world, the so called Geisha coffee, which is originally from a city in Ethiopia, called Geisha. The taste of this special coffee is very aromatic and floral. And if you want to feel like you are on the tropical Caribbean island visit the rum bar Pedro Mandinga, which is kept in a vintage and tropical in terms of furniture and music. Furthermore you better not leave Casco Viejo without purchasing a Panama Hat: the name is a little bit confusing since the real origin is from Ecuador, but today the Hat is established as a typical symbol of Panama.

Marbella is an exclusive area of Panama City close to the banking district, entertainment, supermarkets, hospitals, movie theaters, shopping malls and public parks, all within walking distance. In Marbella you can rent either 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments, which is fully furnished and includes all the services you need such as a cleaning service or a 24/7 doorman. Also the kitchen is fully equipped which is ideal for someone who rents an apartment only for a limited time since you do not need to buy all the kitchen appliances for only some months. For your homeoffice we have broadband internet and in order to be fully relaxed after every night a king-size and queen-size bed makes you feel like you are sleeping on clouds.

Punta Paitilla is one of Panama City´s most exclusive and centrally located residential areas. Paitilla is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Panama City. Luxury highrises with large condos and stunning city and ocean views make Punta Paitilla a desired location. Walking distance to kosher food supermarkets, synagogues, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals and clinics and the Cinta Costera.

As you can see Panama City has a lot of great places to offer and with Premier Casa Panama, we promise you, to find your perfect place to rent in one of our just mentioned best neighborhoods in Panama City. We offer the best professional service in the country and wherever you prefer to rent an apartment we make it easy to book it. The purpose of renting an apartment can be either corporate or just residential: we offer a wide range and make anything possible.

Panama Beach Rentals

Rentals in Panama

In order to escape the city for a weekend or even for living at the beach Premier Casa Panama has a great selection of apartments for rent right at the beachside in Playa Blanca, which is located at the Pacific Coast of Panama. And the best part of the story is: short term vacation rentals are permitted and available in the beach areas!

As already mentioned Playa Blanca is a 90 minute drive from Panama City, which makes it a perfect getaway for the weekend. Generally speaking Playa Blanca is a favorite beach destination for foreign travelers, as it was named by the New York Times as one of the "must-see" areas of the world. This beach community is a short drive from some of country's top destinations, like El Valle de Anton. The Scarlett Martinez Airport in Rio Hato, which receives daily charter flights from Canada, is only a 10 minute drive.

Our beach rentals are completely furnished, fully equipped and ready to occupy. Premier Casa Panama exercises the same care and provides the same level of service for all our beach properties as we do for our city guests.

Many travelers prefer a monthly rental unit over a hotel stay, as they find an apartment stay more convenient and costs less than most hotels.

Premier Casa Panama's attention to detail complements your stay by providing customer service to tend to any maintenance issue that could arise and help make your experience pleasant and trouble-free.

Book your reservations today (guarantee your reservation with a $600.00 deposit) and you will enjoy the comfort and safety of a home away from home.

Book your reservations today and you will enjoy the comfort of a home away from home. Make Premier Casa Panama your next choice in business or holiday travel apartment.