Premier Casa Costa Rica has properties in all sectors of the real estate market and order to find your perfect future property the first step is to decide for what classified type of property you are searching for:

  • Long term residential: Residential property is real estate which has been developed for living for example a house or an apartment. Whether a home in the exclusive and gated Altos de Flamingo area with only some steps away from Potrero Bay and Flamingo Beach or a one of a kind villa at the Potrero Beach : Premier Casa Costa Rica has a wide range of high-class properties which fulfill your dream of living in Guanacaste.
  • Extended Stay full service: An extended stay property with full service is a fully furnished property providing corporate rental services such as cleaning service, a laundry room and gym, internet, electric, TV, fully equipped kitchen.
  • Vacation rentals: A vacation rental describes on a general basis any kind of property such as a fully furnished apartment and house as an alternative to a hotel, also known as villa rental in European countries. A fabulous mansion 360 degree view to the Flamingo beach is only one of numerous rentals that we provide to make your vacation unforgettable.
  • Commercial rentals: The main purpose of commercial rentals is to provide a property for which is supposed to generate profit such as a bar and restaurant space for rent which helps you fulfilling your dream of an own restaurant in Guanacaste.

Our Areas

With a catalyst of beautiful and pristine beaches, luxurious and affordable villas, and a vibrant expat community, Flamingo has become one of the most wanted place to live in Costa Rica and you will find most of our Premier Casa Costa Rica properties here. The continued development of the area and the proximity to the international airport in Liberia is making Flamingo a great investment of great potential that promises a high return in both long and short term.

Flamingo – the gem of Costa Rica's Guanacaste

Located on the northern Pacific Coast, Flamingo is known as the Gold Coast. Flamingo has an amazing 360 degrees view of the Pacific Ocean from either the North Ridge or South Ridge, making it the ultimate hotspot of the Gold Coast. At least Hollywood A-list starts have enjoyed this gem of Costa Rica as Flamingo has hosted them, including Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

The area has a reputation for an exclusive list of much desired private properties for rent for tourists and real estate for sale for expats who seek for a second home. The purchase items range from multimillion dollar homes at a beach front to very affordable options without sacrificing location or views.

From an example of an absolute beauty called Christina Home – Flamingo beach front

Sale price: $3,200,000

Overview: Luxury, private, spacious, and ocean front home

Status of rooms: 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, including a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment and a studio apartment in addition to the main house, all furnished and have separate entrances and private ocean terraces.

Situated on a tremendous private lot over 15,000 square feet in Flamingo, Guanacaste, this heavenly ocean front villa has an unbelievable panoramic view.

To a much more affordable property called Altos Flamingo Beach Duplex

Sale price: $390,000

Overview: This property consists of two juxtaposed side by side. One of them is for sale.

Status of room: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen room, laundry room, and third floor deck with ocean views.

Located on the idea Flamingo Beach, this house also has a swimming pool, exterior Jacuzzi, natural stone floor, and double garage space.

Flamingo is also the ultimate spot of adventurous exploration

Costa Rica rentals

Playa Flamingo of Costa Rica is a combination of nature's beauty and the potential adventures and exploration on and below the ocean's surface. Often compared to San Francisco, yet Flamingo has beautiful beaches and a much warmer climate. It is also famous for being Guanacaste's sport fishing hotspot where you can find some of the best blue marlin and sail fishing in the world.

Flamingo is a hub for many experiences and adventures that offer optimal enjoyment. For ocean lovers, there are various activities to choose from, including scuba, wave running, and whale watching.

Once you have had a blast playing at the ocean, go explore Santa Rosa National Park and Palo Verde Nature Reserve. They are only a short distance away. For the nature lovers who also want a taste of adrenaline rush, an aerial canyoning tour that includes zip lines, rock climbing, Tarzan swings, and thermal pools at the Rio Perdido area for sure will you give a unique experience.

Don't forget that surfing is a huge pastime here. It was actually Guanacaste's surf that was featured in the movie "Endless Summer". Visitors to and residents in Flamingo find it easy to access Tamarindo (30 minutes south), where they can enjoy the world-class surf breaks that surfers around the world congregate to challenge.

Abundant amenities for every lifestyle

The formula of life at Flamingo Beach is equal with luxury and comfort. The resort properties with a veritable cornucopia of amenities situated side-by-side with multimillion-dollar villas with breathtaking landscaping and private beach access. Flamingo's neighborhood overall is quiet and private.

Major shopping can be done in nearby towns such as Potrero to the North, which offers a variety of great fruit and vegetable vendors. You can buy fresh fish from the local fishermen who drive around town slowly in their refrigerated trucks. A tuna or mahi can be brought from these guys for just $10 for two pounds. If you are not a one-time fish eater, make arrangements with the fish man to stop at your house each week.

Close distance to major locations

In addition, Flamingo is also very close to many other attractions. The international airport in Liberia is only 45 minutes away. It is served by Jet Blue, United, Continental, and Delta among other international airlines. With two Costa Rican airports to choose from, finding and booking flights in order to get to Flamingo is a piece of cake. Plus, nearby Tamarindo and Playas del Coco (60 minutes north) offer international cuisine, expat grocery stores, and other amenities. There are also several luxury resorts that have golf courses like Four Seasons Papagayo, Westin Playa Conchal, and JW Marriot Guanacaste. And boats leave from the small marina in on the north side of the peninsula designated for any sea adventure. Don't worry if you don't have the equipment for it. There is a dive shop in town and some sport fishing charter boats.

Flamingo is a convenient location to get to major sightseeing spots like Rincon de la Vieja National Park (60 km) and Marino Las Baulas National Park (46 km). They are great additions that accentuate this vibrant beach community.

Costa Rica's attractive standard of living

Compared to living in North America, Costa Rica is a much more affordable option. You don't have to be millionaire to live like one in Costa Rica. It is not uncommon for many folks here to have one or more household employees, while food and entertainment are inexpensive. A great example would be a night spent on VIP movie theater tickets with leather recliners, bars, waiters, sushi treat, and first-class treatment costs less than a regular movie theater in the U.S.

Most foreign currencies go further in Costa Rica and the utility bills are significantly lower, making Costa Rica a new retirement and investment hotspot. Who wouldn't love enjoying all of this in sunny, warm, and mild weather almost every day?

Flamingo and the future

The future of Flamingo beach in terms of growth and investment potential is very promising. While property prices have continued to maintain their value, the resurgence of the real estate market is forecasted to rise. Baby boomers from the U.S, Canada, and Europe who look for tropical escapes find Flamingo beach at the top of their search for the desirables. It has been predicted by expects that the next few years will see baby boomers from the US arriving in the thousands, making up about a quarter of Costa Rica's total population. The life expectancy in Costa Rica is also much longer than that in many developed countries, such as the United States.

The best way to decide whether this golden beachfront is worth your investment is to pay a visit and experience the tropical dream yourself.

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What You Need to Know About Renting in Costa Rica

As you find yourself browsing around the web and searching for Costa Rica property rentals, If your are looking to live long term in Costa Rica and are looking for a long term rental to live in Costa Rica you realize you are not well-versed in how the system works, what the rules are, and how to avoid problems. This article helps you answer all these questions. Vacation rentals or the full service monthly rentals tend to be full service and this in depth knowledge is less of a necessity.

In Costa Rica, there are a set of laws which oversee all property lease contracts, which is law No. 7527, "Ley General de Arrendamientos Urbanos y Suburbanos," or the "General Law of Urban and Suburban Renting." This law governs all contracts, verbal or written leases of real property for myriad purposes, including housing, commercial, industrial, technical, professional, cultural, craft, or recreational activities and public services. Excluded from law 7527 are hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, and vacation homes where stays may last from one day up to 30 days. The law also does not regulate car parking or company housing for employees.

Rents: Can landlord and tenant agree rents in Costa Rica freely?

Both parties can freely negotiate the rent initially. To increase the rent, landlord and tenant should agree upon the annual rent increase in the agreement. If such agreement does not exist, the landlord can fill a claim to increase the rent on an annual basis.

For housing, the annual increase cannot exceed a 15% of the fixed rent. For an increase higher than 15%, Costa Rica's inflation must be higher than 15%, and the rent increase must be based on a certification of the inflation issued by the State.

Note that a rent increase is allowed only when the agreements are in colones, the Costa Rican currency. If the rent for housing is agreed in US dollars or other foreign currency, no yearly increase is allowed.

Security deposit

A security deposit will be negotiated between the landlord and tenant but typically it is one month's rent. There is no legal maximum for a security deposit but if a landlord is asking for advance payment, this is limited to one month.

If you have any pets, the tenant might be asked to make a second security deposit. This deposit is meant to cover any damages caused by the renter as well as to ensure the completion of the term of the agreement. The deposit will usually be returned 30 days after the tenant has left, so utility bills and inventory can be checked.

If you terminate the renting before the lease term is completed, you will probably lose your security deposit, unless the lease agreement states otherwise.

Short-term rental

Many short-term and vacation rentals may require a smaller a security deposit – make sure to double check this when agreeing your stay with the landlord.

Short-term or monthly rentals are a great way to explore Costa Rica and getting the feel of its various locations and landscapes before choosing the ultimate location to settle in. In case you have found a vacation lease that you are fond of but are looking to stay a longer term, you might be able to negotiate a cheaper rental rate to stay longer.

The best place to look for short-term rentals is in Premier Casa rental section or on vacation rental segment.

Long-term rental

Article 70, Law 7527 indicates that the lease term of a lease agreement cannot be less than three years, which is what we address as a long-term rental. Nevertheless, it is a common practice to stipulate a different term in the lease agreement. Most lease agreements in Costa Rica will indicate: "The term of the present contract is for one year, which is renewable for an additional two years and will be in force starting…"

It is customary that the tenant will not be reimbursed with the security deposit if he/she leaves before the first year is up, which should be clearly stated in the lease agreement. Most

agreements stipulate that the security deposit will be returned only if the first year's contract has been completed and at least 30 days' notice is given to the landlord. Some landlords will request 60 days' notice. Alternatively, the landlord and tenant can negotiate a fixed penalty for leaving the property within the contracted 3 years.

The language

The legal language of a lease agreement in Costa Rica is Spanish, the country's official language. To fully comprehend what you are signing, consult with your real estate agent to supply a copy in English or find an attorney to check the agreement for you. Do not sign any contract that you do not understand.

Fortunately, at Premier Casa, we are very well experienced in this aspect as we have worked with dozens of international clients from around the world.

What about duration of contract and eviction?

The minimum term of a lease agreement in Costa Rica is three years. If the tenant wants to walk before the lease expires, he/she must inform the landlord by providing a three-month prior notice, unless the parties agree anything different.

If the term of the contract expires, it is automatically renewed for three years more, unless the landlord provides a 3 months' notice that he/she will not renew the contract.

Indefinite terms of rental contracts are not allowed unless you go to the full service vacation or monthly rentals which are a different category.

The eviction process

Although this is an undesirable situation, it is important to know what is involved. An eviction process should not take longer than one year. In this process, the collection of unpaid rent can be pursued. In reality, the collection of unpaid rents is normally difficult, since the tenant does not possess any assets or money to attach.

Eviction for Non-Payment of Rent

Duration until the completion of process service


Duration of trial


Duration of enforcement


Total days of evicting tenant


Final note

When selecting a location for a rental property, it is of high importance that you consider the local amenities that are available to you, such as supermarkets, nightlife, or hospitals. Some rural areas in Costa Rica can be located in isolation and a long way from basic amenities.

Finally, it is advisable to rent a property for your initial entry into the country and then make an ultimate decision to whether you opt for something more permanent, such as buying Costa Rica property. As you can see proper well experienced management company is a must for real estate investors

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