Premier Casa Colombia has properties in all sectors of the real estate market and order to find your perfect future property the first step is to decide for what classified type of property you are searching for:

  • Long term residential: Residential property is real estate which has been developed for living for example a mansion or an apartment. Whether a luxury city apartment in Cartagena with walking distance to the old city district and the beach or an extraordinary 4 story home in the historic district of Cartagena: Premier Casa Colombia has a wide range of high-class properties which fulfill your dream of living in Cartagena.
  • Extended Stay full service : An extended stay property with full service is a fully furnished property providing corporate rental services such as cleaning service, a laundry room and gym.
  • Vacation rentals: A vacation rental describes on a general basis any kind of property such as a fully furnished apartment and house as an alternative to a hotel, also known as villa rental in European countries. An amazing colonial mansion located in the most prestigious sites in Cartagena is only one of numerous rentals that we provide to make your vacation unforgettable.

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Colombia Rentals

You will find most of our colombian properties for rent in Cartagena, also known as Cartagena de Indias: There are a few things more than the splendor and charm of a well-kept Spanish colonial city. The courtyard homes, the cobblestone streets, the flowered balconies, and the plazas take you on a time travel back to Spain's grand colonial era in a way that does not occur with other countries' colonies and architecture.

Some people even refer to Cartagena as the queen of the Caribbean coast with its unique cultural fusion: It represents a one-of-a-kind blend of old Spanish America and the richness of the Caribbean. The traditional Colombian cuisine offer in places may bring back the nostalgia of Madrid, but the ladies with giant trays of fresh fruit balanced on their hands walking about may be reminiscent of the shores of the Caribbean. The courtyards and the narrow streets are the colonial Spain, while the bright colors of the houses communicate a Caribbean flair.

The very first reason that Colombia, and Cartagena in particular, is a very interesting place to rent an apartment is the fact that the living costs are very low, especially in comparison to other countries like the United States: With an average exchange rate of 2,900 Pesos to US $1, your retirement nest egg will literally go twice as far. That also translates into real estate in Cartagena being a bargain.

Pretty much everything is manufactured or grown locally so you will find whatever you need for sure. Some imported goods are half the price of that in the United States or Canada. To put this picture into figure perspective, when was the last time you buy a full bag of groceries for one or two week for less than a hundred dollars? Because this is the financial benefit of living in Cartagena. Colombia is well known for the rums that are still distilled here. There are many brands and kinds to choose from, from delicious aged golden rums to everyday white rums, and they will run in the neighborhood of between 5.00 and 7.00 a bottle.

Several brands of local beer are brewed here, among which the most popular is by far Aguila. Agula sells in the supermarket for about 0.40 cents a bottle and 0.75 to 1.25 are restaurant prices. It is a nice bear to have by the beach. Many imported brands are available as well, which cost around $2.00 per bottle. You can just take a taxi to just virtually anywhere in the city for less than $3.00.

Accommodations are far less than what you would expect to pay at a seaside resort. A three-bedroom condo with the spectacular views in Cartagena over the lake (el laguito), the Bocagrande Commercial Center, and the ocean is only $185 per day. Each bathroom has air-conditioning and cable TV. The vacation rental is located in the Laguito neighborhood, which is the most bustling and popular beach area of Cartagena Colombia. If you prefer a nice hotel, go for a brand new two-bedroom apartment with 5 stars resort amenities with the greatest ocean view for $225 per day. This type of full service rentals are an option of many long-term residents. The cost of a nice Cartagena property for sale varies. For a part-time oriented home in the Cartagena area, the best buy is a fully furnished and equipped, 84 sq meters 2-bedroom with nice ocean and Tierra Bomba Island views for just $170,000. A family friendlier option is an exclusive family apartment that is fully furnished facing 3 pools and the beach for $515,600. There are a plethora of real estate options in Cartagena that fit any budget.

Cartagena Colombia has been a draw to many people so far and in the following we will show up you some of the benefits that you can experience by living and renting an apartment in Cartagena with Premier Casa : a summary of the most cool places in Cartagena de Indias follows and by now I can already tell you: colorful buildings, a rich history and much more are waiting for you to do.

Ciudad Amurallada

Back at the time when the citizens had to worry about pirates coming and stealing all your belongings, the citizens built the walled city, known as Ciudad Amurallada, which was used to safe the citizens not only from the recently mentioned pirates but also from environmental influences. In this historic and ancient part of the city you will find today bars, restaurants and shops.

Walking around the harbour

There are so many things to not be missed out here. Some prefer to walk. The city has built a walking path that goes part way around the harbor. Starting at the Navy Base to the end of Castilogrande, it takes a little over an hour to make a round trip on the path. It is definitely good for your health and keeps the blood flowing while enjoying the scenery of Cartagena.

Activities at the beach in Cartagena

Scuba diving is also a favorite hobby of many residents. You can jump on a high-speed boat for under $30 and within 30 minutes; arrive at one of the most gorgeous beaches on earth. The reefs are stunning and perfect for both scuba diving and snorkeling. Hitting the islands with some friends to spend a weekend like this sounds too good a deal to skip. Additionally, restaurants here are diverse.

Cuisine in Cartagena

Almost anything springs from your imagination, from a Colombian arepas from a street vendor traditional to a fine Italian dining at Enoteca on Plaza Santa Teresa, Cartagena has it all. Or you can savor Cuban ropa vieja or a Middle Eastern kibbe. After dinner, you can walk around the old city (Centro) and you are always guaranteed to find new shop or café or see something new that wasn't there before. Cartagena is promising hub to make new friends. The community is super friendly and it is a great opportunity to learn Spanish which could be fun.

All and all, Cartagena is an awesome place to be in. We have had clients reporting about their complete physical and emotional makeover as a result of their relaxing lifestyle in Cartagena. They are loving the energy the city has conditioned them to regain. So next time you are heading south, note it down on your itinerary. Whether you decide to settle here or not, you are guaranteed for a whole world of unforgettable experiences.

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How Well Do You Know About Colombia Property Rentals?

Rental contracts in Colombia can be a matter of concern to some due to the unfamiliarity. As we have worked with countless clients and accumulated substantial experiences in this area, we decided to write a guide to property rental contracts in Colombia to help you get accustomed with the system. Once you have known what the process entails, it will be a piece of cake to move to Colombia and settle in.

Types of Colombia property

There is a wide array of properties available to rent in Colombia. Depending on the size and location of the property that you are interested in, the monthly cost of renting will vary. Modern apartments transformed from the Calle de la Moneda colonial home located in Bolivar, Cartagena are great options for vacation rentals. On the other hand, if you plan to have a long-term stay, extended stay full service rentals like a nice apartment with 5 stars resort amenities in Cartagena in a walking distance to Bocagrande Commercial Centre, old town, and the beach are found favorable by many retirees. The rent does depend on the area you are searching in and the availability of property at the time.

Property rentals can come furnished or unfurnished. Unfurnished can mean several things as some properties might be listed to have floor coverings and curtains, while other "unfurnished" properties will include items such as bathroom or kitchen appliances. In recent years, Colombia property rentals have become increasingly easier and safer for both the tenant and landlord.

Monthly rent

The monthly rent cannot exceed 1% of the commercial value of the property or of the part of the property subject to the lease. Such commercial value cannot exceed two times the cadastre value of the property at the time of the contract. Rent payment can be agreed on in any currency, but if you choose to pay in a foreign currency, it must be equivalent to Colombian pesos at the market exchange rate; unless you have you agreed otherwise with your landlord.

An increase in rent every 12 months is usual in Colombia, so do expect that. The increase cannot exceed 100% of the Consumer Price Index or Colombia's CPI for the following year. If your rent has been increased and you think it is more than it should be, you can request a revision at the Mayor's office in the city where the property is located. Note that you can only make such request within six months after you receive notification regarding the rent increase.


Deposits for property rentals are prohibited in Colombia. It is also illegal for landlords to request liens to secure payment of tenant's contractual obligations.

What property rental rights do the landlords have in Colombia?

Colombia Rentals

In terms of contract duration and eviction, landlord and tenant can freely agree on the duration of the rental contract. If nothing is specified, the contract is understood to be 12 months. The contract will be renewed for successive equal terms unless a termination notice is duly sent and if both parties have complied with the obligations stated in the contract and the tenant accepts the increases of the rent authorized by law.

At any time, the parties can mutually agree to terminate the contract.

Under one of the following conditions, the landlord can unilaterally terminate the contract:

If the tenant is not complying with his contractual obligations, if he/she breaches the contract when he/she leases the property to a subtenant without the landlords' express authorization, e.g., if he/she fails to pay rent payments or public utilities payments.

In case of no default on the tenant's part, the landlord can terminate the contract during the renewal periods (not during the initial periods) by sending the tenant a written notice of termination 3 months prior to the effective end date of the lease. The notice should inform the tenant that an indemnification ordered by law will be paid. The indemnification is equivalent to 3 months of property rent and has to be deposited before the entities authorized by the government, which will then forward it to the tenant.

The landlord can also terminate the contract at the end of the initial renewal term or of any of the term by sending the prior-informed written notice to the tenant 3 months prior to the end date of the contract, if: (1) the landlord will need the property for his own habitation for not less than 1 year; (2) the property has to be demolished for a new construction to take place; (3) the property has to be emptied to be repaired; or (4) the property has been sold and it has to be passed to the buyer (in this case the landlord is not liable to pay the indemnification as long as he/she complies with the three-months notice period).

The landlord can also terminate the contract if it has lasted not less than 4 years, by indemnifying the tenant with the amount equivalent to 1.5 months of property rent.

What property rental rights do the tenants have?

Similar provisions are also applied to the tenant in terms of the termination of the property lease.

The tenant can independently terminate the contract at any point of time if the landlord breaches his contractual and legal obligations, e.g., when he/she interferes with the quiet enjoyment of the property by the tenant.

The tenant can also unilaterally terminate the contract during the initial renewal term or any of the terms by sending a prior-informed written notice to the landlord 3 months prior to the effective end date of the lease, informing the owner that an indemnification ordered by law will be paid. The indemnification, equivalent to 3 months of property rent, has to be deposited before the entities authorized by the government, which will then forward it to the owner of the property.

Finally, the tenant can terminate the contract at the end of the initial renewal term or any of the terms by sending a written notice to the landlord 3 months prior to the date of contract termination. No indemnification is required in this case.

What are the property rental rights both enjoyed by the tenant and the landlord?

Both parties are entitled to a right of retention if the other is in breach of his/her legal obligations. Therefore, the tenant can refuse to leave the property if he/she has not received the indemnification ordered by law. Likewise, the landlord is entitled to keep possession of any goods left by the tenant if and so long as he/she is in default in paying the rent.


Colombia property rentals is regulated by Law 820 of 2003. This law entails regulations for landlords and tenants and has many specific requirements that are not thoroughly learnt by many foreigners who rent apartments or in the process of renting apartments in Colombia.

This law applies to all leasing agreements signed after July 10, 2003. Prior contracts will be regulated by Law 56 of 1985. Commercial property rentals and other types of rental agreements are regulated by other provisions contained in articles 1974 and following of the Colombian Civil Code.

Recent changes in Colombian landlord and tenant law

Colombian law is guided by the furtherance of two Constitutional principles: (1) the property must comply with a social purpose, and (2) every person has the right to a proper property.

The law has recently moved in the direction of reaching a balance between the rights of landlords and tenants. Congress enacted Law 820 in 2003 to create a uniform normative body to regulate property rentals for residence, as opposed to leasing of commercial properties and of other goods. This law was designed to provide flexibility in property contracts. At the time of its enactment, it was estimated that 15 million people lived in property rentals and 90% of them were Colombia's low-income population. The law attempts to offer new possibilities for appropriate properties for low income families and to promote the construction of buildings for rent.

A typical property rental contract

A typical rental contract in Colombia consists of the following bullet points:

Name and identification of both parties

  • Identification of the leased property, as well as areas shared with other occupants of the building
  • Identification of the property under contract
  • Term of the contract
  • Price and payment location
  • Information regarding the party who is responsible for paying the public services (electric, gas, and water) of the property under contract (typically the tenant)
  • Several other terms according to Law 820, such as renewals and early termination

While property rental contracts can be legally verbal, we highly recommend that you get a written contract that is signed and notarized. You will only need a passport to rent an unfurnished apartment in Colombia, a cedula (Colombian ID) or visa is unnecessary.

Colombia property rentals options

We have extensively covered renting venues on our system and hopefully you will find the Colombia home that you want.

For more information regarding property rentals or sales in Colombia, feel free to contact us.