Premier Casa Peru has properties in all sectors of the real estate market and order to find your perfect future property the first step is to decide for what classified type of property you are searching for:

  • Long term residential: Residential property is real estate which has been developed for living for example a mansion or an apartment. Whether a luxury city apartment in Miraflores , Lima with walking distance to the Kennedy Park and the Huaca Pucllana Museum or a spectacular mansion designed by Mario Lara in La Molina, Lima : Premier Casa Peru has a wide range of high-class properties which fulfill your dream of living in Lima.
  • Extended Stay full service: An extended stay property with full service is a fully furnished property providing corporate rental services such as cleaning service, a laundry room and gym.
  • Vacation rentals: A vacation rental describes on a general basis any kind of property such as a fully furnished apartment and house as an alternative to a hotel, also known as villa rental in European countries. A apartment in a gated beach community with direct beach access in Asia, Lima is only one of numerous rentals that we provide to make your vacation unforgettable.

Our Areas :

The majority of our Peruvian rentals are located in Lima: Lima is a land of contradictory energies. The city's exciting and adventurous spirit opens the possibility of all the challenges, the novelties, and the vibrancy that a person's life requires. Additionally, it provides a cost of living which most of us from elsewhere can easily afford. Lima is both the capital and the biggest city of Peru. It has a history of attracting numerous expats. The elements of Lima might surprise or even shock you yet leave you wanting for more. In the following we will show you some sides of Lima and you will quickly know why renting in apartment in Lima with the help of Premier Casa Peru is the best thing ever:

A day in Lima

In one's daily lives in Lima, there is always something different to discover. Looking out from the balcony, you can see the ocean and the waves racing one another to the shore in distance, and Lima is known as the sleepless city. There is always something interesting to see and a great way to start the day is waking up to a cup of Peruvian coffee while watching the sunrise.

The weather peculiarity of Lima

One of the first things you might be in awe of is the thick blanket of fog hovering over the city for the majority of the time over the year. This is because of its peculiar position in a valley created by three different rivers near the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The fog does not harm the residents and even is accepted as a part of Peruvian experience. It is one of the features that makes Lima so unique.

No winters! Pleasant temperatures around the clock

When it comes to temperature, Lima enjoys pleasant temperatures all year around. Rarely does the temperature drop below 12 Celsius degrees or spike up over 29 Celsius degrees. This makes choosing the wardrobe to bring with you for a trip to Lima, Peru so much easier. Raincoats are almost never needed in Lima. The city is second only to Cairo as the biggest desert city on Earth and despite being constantly overcast some eight months of the year, there is almost no drop of rain here. The warmest season is between December and April, while the coolest falls from June to October.

Finding a place to live

Accommodations are readily available in Lima, and there are options for all budgets. Housing options range from rentals in a furnished beautiful one-bedroom apartment located two blocks away from Main Square (US$650 a month) to a luxurious 4-bedroom penthouse with pool and views of Lima city (US$14,000 a month). If you plan to make a long-term investment, there is a plethora of great housings for sale. Whether you look for a brand new 4-bedroom condo that has a balcony with city view or a gorgeous beach house that has room to comfortably sleep 15 people, Lima has it all.

Peru Rentals

Surf away

Within a short drive of Lima, there are placid, sunbaked surfing villages like Punta Hermosa. The water here is clean, and the waves are huge. Peru is home to some of the best waves known to surfer around the world. There are places for all levels, but the most excellent are at the La Herradura beach.

As you wait to catch a wave, behold for the dolphins who cannot wait to hang out with surfers. No need to be afraid of sharks as shark attacks are all but unheard of in Lima, unlike most of the world's other surfing hubs.

Meeting the local community

Peruvian culture is interestingly diverse. Cuzco natives are very different than the city-dwellers of Lima, while people from Arequipa, the Arequipeños, have a strong sense of community and a strong sense of identity and they consider themselves to be very different and independent from the rest of Peru. The locals here will try to sell you things costlier than it should be, especially in touristy areas like Cuzco, but in most cases, Peruvians are honest people. They are often curious about the hometown of the foreigners, what the culture, national dishes, weather of your home country, and want to know about the places you have been to in Peru. In general, Peruvians are friendly, hospitable, and open-minded: they are usually open for discussions.

How about the food scene?

As the locals are open for conversations, the food opens your tastes and takes you on an exploratory adventure. Peruvian food in Lima is full of great surprises. In fact, 3 Peruvian restaurants are ranked among "The world's 50 best restaurants" in 2017. Lima is known as the gastronomic capital of the world, into a mecca for food aficionados.

First of all, it is very affordable. You can have filling two or three course almuerzo (lunch) with drinks for a couple of U.S dollars. These nutritious and tasty two or three-course set lunches cost about $3 or $4. This particular meal option includes stuffed avocado, rice and mincemeat cooked with raisins and spices. It is accompanied with chichi morada drink, made from purple maize and sweetened with sugar. A fancier meal at a super posh restaurant will set you back 100 dollars or equivalent. Lima is truly the place to have a taste of luxury that you cannot afford elsewhere.

Many restaurants here offer a dozen or more types of the classic ceviche. The famous dish is the national dish of raw fish in spicy lime juice. Don't forget the cold beer with it. Fish in Peru is genuinely succulent, and so are fruits and vegetables. You might find the best mangos and avocados you have ever tasted in your life here.

Lima also provides the best way to cure a hangover, which includes a strong coffee with a chicharron (fried pork) sandwich, with chili sauce, marinated onions, and thick slices of steamed sweet potato.

Got some sol?

While in Lima, you must familiarize yourself with the Peruvian nuevos soles, or sol (PEN). Exchanging money could pose a problem for currencies other than euros and US dollars. The current exchange as of 2017 is 1 sol = 0.308 US dollars.

It is advisable to avoid exchanging money at the airport as the offers are not ideal. Look for a cambista (a money changer) instead. This person wears the vest uniform to demonstrate that they are licensed. Make sure that the cambista stamps their seal (sello) on the bills. This might be helpful in case one of them is counterfeit.


Peru Rentals

Miraflores is one of the hottest districts in Lima where you will find most of our apartments for rent and by renting an apartment with Premier Casa Peru you will have beautiful beaches, green parks, cool restaurants and bars right around your corner. In the following section we will explain more reasons which make Miraflores to one of the most popular places to live in Lima.

Parque Kennedy

The park which is named after the former president of the United States John F. Kennedy, is a very special place and has some features that you might not expect: are you a cat lover? The Kennedy Park is home to over 200 cats for 20 years by now, with several organizations taking care of the cats. Besides the cat there are some small shops selling Peruvian handcrafts, making the perfect souvenirs for your friends and families.

Indian market

In terms of souvenirs the Indian market, which is the called Mercado India in Spanish, might also be the perfect place to purchase handcraft like bags, wallets and scarves. One feature which is very typical for Peruvian handcraft is the alpaca, which has been domesticated for over thousand years in the country and is often shown in different parts of Peruvian art.

Feria de Miraflores

A farmer market which has fresh eco-products, such as fruits, vegetables, herbal teas and coffee every Saturday is located near to the Parque Reducto.

Antonio Raimondi Park

If you love action and want to increase your adrenaline level a little, you should definitely go to the Antonio Raimondi Park, which is one of the best place for paragliding in Peru, and either watch professional paragliders or participate yourself and the best part of the story is: it is not required to be experiences to participate!


You want a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean during your daily walk? Then you should walk along the Miraflores boardwalk which is known as the Malecón, since the boardwalk starts in the Northern Malecón part and goes to the south part of the just mentioned part of the city. Malecón is the Spanish term for embankment along a waterfront which describes perfectly the stone-built cliff-top walk. If you are walking with your partner along Malecón you will pass the so called Parque del amor, a famous place in Miraflores for couples to meet, home to the tourist popular " El Beso " statue, where many couples prefer to take a photo.

Larcomar Shopping Centre

Not only for the purpose of shopping but starting with the architecture of the Larcomar Shopping Centre the building is breathtaking: The name consists of first, the location which is Avenida Jose Larco in Miraflores and the second part refers to the Spanish term for sea which is mar, which is the perfectly suitable description for its location along the cliff next to the ocean. Despite the architecture and the view you have entertainment ( e.g. cinemas), a food court and numerous shops in this multilevel building.