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About Premier Casa : An International real estate company

Premier Casa is a full service real estate company with offices in Panama, Peru and Colombia. We have a large inventory of properties available for sale and for rent. With commercial, Residential and full service monthly rentals.

Our team can meet all of your rental, real estate and corporate housing needs including the city, beach areas and countryside.

We strive to provide the highest standards of quality, integrity and transparency in all transactions related to property sales, management and advisory services.

Premier Casa's reputation for uncompromising real estate professionalism and integrity in everything we do is earned day to day by serving our clients and earning their trust.

Why Investing in International Property is A Smart Thing to Do

One of the unchangeable rules of life is that life changes. This is especially accurate when it comes to finances. Then again, in terms of investing in international property and real estate, it can be a wise decision to protect your money, which comes with added benefits of living in that beachfront house that you've always dreamed of.

With a limited amount of land and an ever-growing global population, the sooner you start obtaining some land, the better. Considering the recession of recent years, international real estate and land prices are at an all time low, which could result in stellar appreciation in years to come.

Acquiring international real estate is a great strategy to diversify your portfolio into other currencies and economies. This is the best protection plan against the recessions and finance bubbles that have been rampant in the past few years. Regardless of what happens, no one can take away your access to your property – something you can make use of and will retain intrinsic value (an advantage that cannot be found playing the stock market).

An investment in property also means putting your capital into something tangible that has a purpose, with or without a structure. Even if the property is not ready for construction yet, that is not an issue. In the meantime, the land can be used for agricultural purposes while you wait for the property to develop to your liking.

The next important question is where you should look to buy? One popular trend to follow is to invest in overseas retirement havens. Countries like Panama, Peru, Costa Rica are becoming increasingly more accommodating and attractive to retirees, plus their governments' generous offers of retirement incentives that come with numerous investment and discount benefits. With Baby Boomers coming into full retirement age and searching for a smart and safe way to stretch their nest egg as far as possible, it is positive that it will be a highly active market in coming years.

Of course, before going all in, you will want to do a due diligence for any investment, and that does not exclude real estate investment. That impeccable looking beachfront villa online could be prone to hurricane disaster now. But most importantly, above understanding property value fluctuations for the area, as a foreign investor, the factors that can affect you when purchasing property abroad include taxes, selling stipulations, and property ownership laws. For example, some countries will make investing in real estate absurdly easy and then nearly impossible for you to sell, which takes money out of the local economy.

No investment comes without any risk, but it is no doubt that investing in property internationally can be a fantastic way to diversify your capital and have something grow out of it when looking to take your assets abroad.

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Premier Casa


Premier Casa Panama has a full service office located in Panama city with hundreds of properties for sale and over one hundred apartments to chose from for short term or long term rental needs. Panama city is the business center of central America with major banking, the second largest free trade zone in the world. This growing and vibrant city is the hub of the Americas and a destination for many travelers as well as a jumping off point for the rest of central and South America. From Panama City you can travel 1 to 2 hrs to many of panama's beaches and resorts. Premier Casa Panama can meet all of your rental, real estate and corporate housing needs in Panama city or the surrounding beach areas.

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