• 2017 Panama economic growth as seen by the IMF

    Panama Economic growth projected to increase to 5.1% in 2017 and continued economic growth projected for Panama
  • Swiss warranty for the Panama Canal

    This strategic sea route has celebrated its centenary last August. This ambitious expansion project has caused a financial conflict whose resolution depends largely on the role played Zurich Insurance in the project. ​
  • Panama is known for its low tax burden

    ​Sun, affordable cost of living and low tax rates. This is what prompted private bankers and lawyers to put down their briefcase in Panama in the last several years. And number of Swiss banks has opened offices in the country where the new regulations are not yet implemented.
  • Panamanian government to regulate developers

    The legislators in Panama will seek to establish laws that would look towards establishing clear goals and strategies regarding misleading advertising, provision of down payments and to give more rights to the buyers in case of delays.
  • El Valle de Anton in Panama welcomes tourists

    ​In Panama, the region of "El Valle de Anton" welcomes more and more foreign tourists.
  • Forecast for growth in Latin America and the Caribbean for 2014

    ​The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean revises its forecast for growth in the region. Panama has a current estimate of 7% growth in 2014
  • Direct flights to and from Panama City

    Panama expands its route network to Europe through ​Air France (Paris), KLM (Amsterdam), Iberia (Madrid), Lufthansa (Düsseldorf), TAP (Lisbon)
  • Top 5 fastest growing nation

    ​Over the past five years, Panama has delivered an annual growth of 10%. This small country of 3.6 million people face is now in the top 5 fastest growing nations. It is part of the emerging economies that, by 2020, will produce 70% of global growth.
  • Panama Citys man-made Ocean Reef Islands

    Ocean Reef Islands in Panama City, Panama is home to Latin America’s first residential man-made islands. A new gem is born in a haven of tranquility and beauty. This project redefines the coastline of Panama City and raises the standard of luxury to a new level.